When Tonya and Frank first met, they had no idea how well their music would fit together and how well their voices would blend. They seemed so musically compatible, that becoming a duo was the natural thing to do.  Audiences enjoy Tonya and Frank's original and cover versions of songs that are filled with beautiful harmony and sincere delivery.  Both look forward to performing for audiences in and outside of the metroplex. 

Tonya Walker Adams

          Has been singing in various bands in Texas for years.  She has always been a versatile singer, singing songs that range from Led Zepplin to Gershwin.  Her forte' has always been the blues; and with her country/rock/blues influences she has always had the ability to move people and stir the emotions of any crowd.  After singing on stage for the last 35 years, she has become a truly entertaining and seasoned performer. 

Frank Adams 

          Has been playing and singing for many years as well.  He got his wish to find the right person to really bring out the best of his music when he met Tonya.  Frank is a native of North Carolina and brings with him his blend of folk/beach/rock and soul influences. Acoustic guitar and backing vocal harmonies have always been his passion.